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May 2017

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Kraft Foods Food Safety

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Matilda Freund

Matilda Freund
Sr. Director Food Safety
Kraft Foods

Dr. Matilda Freund leads the worldwide Food Safety team at Kraft Foods. She is an expert in global food safety including HACCP design and development on an International level. Dr...more»»

Featured Question

Price of food safety
Posted by Mary from Chicago, IL, US on September 23, 2009

Will Kraft’s food safety initiative increase the retail price of its products?

No. Food safety is built into our products from the beginning. It is incorporated in every step. Safety and quality are the first considerations when developing a new product. When consumers pay for a particular product, they buy the whole package – including the safety factor. We wouldn’t produce a food without it.

safety of BPAs
Posted by Gail from St. Paul, MN, VI on November 3, 2009

What is Krafts response to the growing consumer concern expressed about the safety of BPAs in food packaging?

BPA is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is widely used in the U.S. BPA also has been found safe for use in food packaging by regulatory bodies in Europe and Japan and elsewhere around the world. However, some recent concerns have prompted FDA to conduct an additional review and further study also is underway by the National Institutes of Health. Kraft Foods will continue to monitor those activities, as well as any other scientific developments.

Posted by brenda from new albany, OH, US on October 23, 2009

Does Kraft Foods have any plans to eliminate the use of cottonseed oil in their products? I and thousands of others are highly allergic to cottonseed oil. It is becoming increasingly difficult

to find crackers, cookies, bread crumbs,etc. that do not say “soy

bean and or cottonseed oil”.

Thank you for your question. At Kraft Foods we understand the challenges that exist for people with allergies and make every effort to offer a wide variety of products for those consumers. At this time, we do not have specific plans to remove highly refined oils, such as cottonseed oil, from our products as they do not contain protein and are not considered allergens. However, we are continuously looking at ways to respond to consumer preferences and always welcome suggestions.

Food Safety
Posted by DG from Bronx, NY, US on October 19, 2009

In your top-to-top meetings have retailers been pushing for more focus on the food safety topic? Have you received good feedback from the retailers on your initiatives?

The safety and quality of our products are of the highest importance to us -- as are the trust and confidence of our consumers and customers. While no system is perfect, at Kraft Foods we are driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement. Our retail customers share that philosophy.

Kraft’s food safety
Posted by Gary from Albany, NY, US on September 23, 2009

Will consumers recognize Kraft’s food safety initiative in terms of packaging, in-store presence, or promotions?

Generally not. We strongly believe that providing a safe food supply is the cost of doing business. We do not use food safety as a marketing tool. It is ingrained in everything we do. We start with safe food and then we work from a quality and consumer preference on top of that. Consumers going into the grocery store would not see anything different.

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