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Diane Tielbur

Diane Tielbur
Senior Director, Shopper Engagement for Kraft Foods
Krafts Foods, Inc

Diane Tielbur is Senior Director, Shopper Engagement for Kraft Foods. Tielbur is responsible for uncovering the consumer and shopper insights that lead to great shopper marketing ideas. Diane joined...more»»

New Shopper Marketing Programs
Posted by Kevin from Omaha, NE, US on May 25, 2010

Does occasion-based marketing lead you to new shopper marketing programs or is it a bigger idea than that?

Occasion-Based Marketing can provide direction across many facets of the retail industry: overall store design - from pantry to food solutions, identifying areas of the store that could be differentiated profitably versus competition, suggestions for permanent merchandising solutions linked to everyday shopper occasions, and advocating for a shift from special occasion programs only to a combination of everyday occasions and special occasion programs.

And, as you mentioned, occasion-based marketing can provide richness to shopper marketing by identifying top occasions for our key retailer’s shoppers. This allows us to develop programs that are important to their shoppers and that are differentiated from the other retailers in the area. This includes one-size fits all programs to retailer specific programs using their shopper’s insights coupled with their shoppers’ top occasions.

Shopper Insights Making a Difference at Retail
Posted by Kristin from Los Angeles, CA, US on May 24, 2010

How do you measure whether shopper insights are making a difference at retail?

It is important to have great insights, but it is even more important to take those insights to action. It is the manifestation of the insights that can be measured. Qualitatively, we use the feedback from our retail partners and shoppers to gauge whether we are developing programs that provide value to them and our shoppers. Analytically, we have created an approach that allows us to measure the impact of our Shopper Marketing programs.

We believe that the most successful Shopper Marketing programs are those that are built upon great shopper insights.

Shopper insights
Posted by George from Albany, NY, US on April 10, 2010

What is the Kraft Foods’ vision for Shopper Insights?

At Kraft Foods we are continually looking to identify and leverage consumer and shopper insights. We believe that we will be more successful by partnering with key retailers to provide solutions for our shoppers’ needs. The combined equity of Kraft Foods and our retailers is stronger than either one of us alone.

We are also in the process of developing a more holistic view of the consumer and her shopping behaviors. In the past, those insights were somewhat separated. We are now working on bringing them together for even greater insights in understanding the path to purchase. This will allow us to better address and anticipate future behaviors as well as what resonates best at the time of purchase.

Trips and occasions
Posted by Henry from San Diego, CA, US on April 8, 2010

How are you leveraging the scale of Kraft Foods?

We have an amazing line-up of brands that consumers love. In fact, 99% of households have a Kraft Foods product in their home. The diversity of our portfolio is one of our core strengths, and we are constantly looking for ways to leverage our scale.

We leverage our breath and depth of insights across our broad portfolio to provide shopper solutions via our Consumer Experience assets such as and Food & Family magazine. At the Customer Team level we leverage our scale by providing supply chain solutions that make shopping our portfolio easier and shopper marketing programs that provide new ideas in-store.

Another way we are leveraging scale is by banding together to help a great cause. At Kraft Foods we are passionate about helping to eliminate hunger in America. We have been working with Feeding America for 25 years and are excited to be stepping up this partnership in 2010.

Contact info
Posted by William from Detroit, MI, US on April 7, 2010

If a retailer wants to know more or more specifically about this study and others, what should they do?

Write to us as and ask us a question or give us a phone number and someone will get back to them. Having direct contact with retailers will help us understand how we can help them better. And that’s a first for us!

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