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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods Shopper Insights

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Laura Barry

Laura Barry
Vice President of Consumer Insights and Shopper Engagement
Kraft Foods

Laura Barry is Vice President of Consumer Insights and Shopper Engagement for Kraft North America (KNA). She is responsible for leading both Consumer and Shopper Insights and driving Kraft from Category...more»»

Shopper engagement/insight via digital channels
Posted by Michael from Chicago, IL, US on February 3, 2010

How does digital fit into your overall shopper engagement strategy and are you able to produce usable insight from it? (ie. social media platforms/campaigns, mobile marketing/applications, brand websites etc.)

At Kraft Food, we actively monitor social media to keep an update-to-date pulse on consumers. What is on their mind? What are they doing differently in reaction to certain events? What trade-offs are they making? We work with a core supplier who monitors thousands of posts/blogs and pulls out key themes on a routine basis. This form of research has proven successful at identifying key consumer behavior changes very early in their lifecycle.

Marketing Support for Shopper Platform
Posted by Eric from Chicago, IL, US on January 12, 2010

What kinds of consumer marketing/media are you using to support these shopper platforms? Traditional like print and tv, newer with on-line and newest with mobile?

We are supporting our shopper platforms with programs customized by retailer. We view the platforms through the lens of each retailer and their particular shoppers, customizing to get the best impact. The vehicles we use include online media, direct mail, in-store / POS, circulars, retailer specific marketing vehicles and Kraft Foods proprietary vehicles like our Food and Family programs. Since the programs are customized to each retailer we don’t use national mass market media like TV.

Health & Wellness
Posted by Jeff from Evanston, IL, US on December 16, 2009

How important do you think it is for a retailer to offer a broad selection of “better for you” products? And, why? What is Kraft doing to expand its offerings in this area?

It is essential that retailers offer a broad selection of ‘better for you’ products to meet the needs of consumers who desire to eat healthy. Offering a broad selection addresses two of the largest barriers healthy eaters face. First, consumers do not want to make radical changes in the what they eat to achieve their H&W goals – the preference is for small steps. Offering a range of ‘better for you’ options across product categories and brands allows consumers to eat what they like but with the health benefits they desire. Second, variety is key to maintaining healthy eating habits. Consumers need a wide range of ‘better for you’ options so they don’t become bored and let unhealthy options slip back into their choice set.

Kraft Foods understands that the health benefits that consumers desire differ by consumer segment and differ by category. Kraft is engaged in understanding these needs across products and working to meet those needs while delivering on the great taste that consumers expect from Kraft.

Systems to support decision process
Posted by Gary from Mckinney, TX, US on December 9, 2009

What systems do you use to garner customer insight and shopping trends?

At Kraft we use a number of sources for understanding our consumers, shoppers and retail customers; Nielsen, MVI, TNS, Willard Bishop, Chase, Communispace and Blogs, Chase design and different custom research and trend tracking companies depending on the objective.

Marketing programs
Posted by Marylin from Chicago, IL, US on November 13, 2009

How can supermarket retailers tie into your expanding shopper marketing programs?

We work with retailers that want to participate. We have a shopper marketing executive in each of the regions and for each major account. They work with the retailers and my shopper insights team to create these programs.
We go to retailers, present the insight and platform ideas we have planned for 2010, and work together to customize them and bring to life for their shopper.
We feel really great about the marketing plans for 2010 and very optimistic about what it will bring for our customers and our consumers.

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